Monday, May 7, 2007

im planning to migrate into another bloghost.. called wordpress.. iv been here in blogspot for over a yr ata.. and now its time for me to move to another world.. or lets say another phase being a blogger.. though i know c eloi susunod ndin smin anytime.. hehehe

i will still try to update once while working on s wordpress at s design ng blog.. though it will be hard kasi kalban ko work ko hahha though i know benefit naman ako kasi papayat me.. wahahahaha.. imagine konting lunch and no break.. wahehehe..

and iv heard from a blogfriend "fionixe" meron n cs3!! and i love to try that one.. ill read some info bout it.. im sure its one hell of a software that i could use for my graphics.. thanks for that info

so much for that.. time for me to work..

and ofcourse... eloi!!! asan n ang ppost mo s crush?!! kala mo ha?!!



  • uu susugod din ako balang-araw sa wordpress! magpapainit muna ako sa blogdrive! ahahaha!!! meon ako bago na entry! hnd 2ngkol sa crush eh! hnd ako makapag-isip kapag crush ang usapan! TUNGKOL sa Nanay ang entry ku! wahihihihi!!!

    By Blogger eloiski, at 2:36 PM  

  • wenk, sensya ha, di kasi yun nakapost sakin ( about sa adobe event) nakita ko rin lang sa isang friend ko. :)

    Next time talaga, sana makapagpost ako ng plugs, instead of reviews.

    By Anonymous fionixe, at 1:34 AM  

  • at eloi - nbsa ko n nga un eh.. nkpagcomment ndin me.. gusto ko crush crush crush eloi!! nde normal ang walang crush!! joke... lvoe you..

    @fion - ok lang gurl.. ^^ next time.. hahaha.. though iv read bout cs3 na.. and its a great great software.. galing.. nkktuwa.. ^^

    By Anonymous becky, at 9:30 AM  

  • awww!!! aun sa test na aking sinagutan abnormal daw ako kya ndi na ako magtataka kung bgla n lng ako sisigaw ng crispeeen basilioooo!!!
    pagaling ka ate!!!
    yan kz eh nagpapapayat, kain lng ng kain!

    ako kain ng kain mapness d nmn tumataba!

    By Blogger eloiski, at 12:39 PM  

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